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Modern emulators, in addition to expanding the available functionality, follow the path of its maximum “controllability”. Developers create tools for debugging the system for the behavioral characteristics of each user. Today we will talk about what BlueStacks Tweaker is, in the process of narrating we will consider the characteristic features of the program, its capabilities.

For reference

BlueStacks is a popular emulator that creates a local Android environment within the desktop system. Users choose it due to the following set of strengths:

  • high performance gameplay;
  • support for most popular applications;
  • intuitive user interface.

BlueStacks Tweaker is an auxiliary utility that expands the list of configurable parameters of the emulating system. Behind the unpretentious design lies a Klondike of possibilities, which we will talk about a little later.

Detailed description

To get started, download BSTweaker from our link below and extract the contents of the archive to any directory. Then open the file BlueStacksTweaker5.exe, then the updated interface in English will be displayed. To change it to Russian, click on English at the bottom of the window and select Russian from the list.Change language in BlueStacks Tweaker

The main menu includes many tabs, but we are interested in these:

  • Home – Displays information about the desktop system and BlueStacks (root path, disk size, instance). The following actions are also available in the right corner of the screen: Start, Full Stop, Stop, Force Kill.
  • Settings – In the left corner is information related to the GUID. On the right, you can select the device model, country, and mobile operator. Settings tab in BlueStacks Tweaker
  • Configuration – sets the screen resolution, DPI (pixels per inch) and the amount of allocated RAM.Configuration tab in BlueStacks Tweaker
  • Useful – changes the theme, enables/disables auto-updates.Useful tab in BlueStacks Tweaker
  • Root – set root rights and related utilities.Root tab in BlueStacks Tweaker
  • Oem – customization of the user interface, purpose and number of tabs.Oem tab in BlueStacks Tweaker
  • About – sets the frequency of searching for updates or switching to manual checking mode.About tab in BlueStacks Tweaker
You no longer need to use Task Manager to manage subprocesses – all the necessary tools are in an unpretentious window.


The developers endowed their offspring with the following features:

  • Intuitive control panel for emulator operation;
  • Software-implemented interaction with the n-th number of Google profiles, there is the possibility of their point settings;
  • Availability of technical models of certified latest generation smartphones.
And in this article we took a detailed look at how to enable Root access on a virtual device using BSTweaker.

Summing up

BlueStacks Tweaker is a handy utility that effectively customizes the work of the emulator of the same name. Due to the optimal correction of technical parameters, high performance in gaming applications is achieved.

Download BSTweaker

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