Which is better: BlueStacks or Nox App Player

At the moment, there are many motley emulators of the Android system for the computer. But BlueStacks and Nox stand out from the crowd due to excellent developer support and other advantages. But it is far from clear to all users what is better to download. Especially for the doubters, we have prepared an article: “Which is better: BlueStacks or Nox App Player”.


To find out which program is better, it is worth conducting a detailed comparison. We will take a few important criteria:

  • System requirements;
  • Appearance;
  • Performance;
  • Version Android.

All published data is current at the end of 2018, in the future the situation may change. BlueStacks and Nox version are taking part in the study.

System requirements

The first thing you should pay attention to when when choosing an emulator – the technical base required for the correct operation of the Android environment. The minimum / recommended parameters are published on the official BlueStacks website:

  • OS: Windows 7/Win 10 with 64-bit architecture.
  • CPU – any processor from the manufacturer Intel or AMD / multi-core model with a PassMark of at least 1000 (results in the benchmark of the same name). You can check compatibility here.
  • Free space – at least 4 GB of hard disk space, SSD will increase the performance of applications.
  • RAM – from 2 GB / 6 GB.
  • Video adapter – any integrated card / model with PassMark from 750. You can check compatibility here.
  • Latest drivers.

The competitive project has the following requirements for the hardware of the stationary platform:

  • Operating system – XP and higher.
  • Central processor – any “stone” with a frequency of 2 GHz.
  • RAM – 2 GB or more (but “heavy” applications will work very badly).
  • HDD – at least 3 GB of free space.
  • video adapter – model with video memory from 1 GB + updated drivers.

Picture Minimal Nox App Player installation requirementsVerdict – system requirements show that even a weak PC is enough to run the latest versions of the emulator. But still, Knox has them lower, albeit slightly.


The interface of the program makes it either extremely convenient or impossible to use. It is for this reason that this criterion was included in our comparison. Let’s start with BlueStacks. With the release of the recent update, the “interior” of the Android environment has changed markedly. There is an association with a concise browser window:

  • At the top are tabs with inactive windows.
  • In the center is the main area.
  • Separate search form.
  • Two separate lines with icons at the top of the window (notifications, profile, settings, etc.) and at the bottom (store, additional programs, etc.).

BlueStacks Main InterfaceOpen the Nox App Player and see what the creators offer us.

The first impression is a standard tablet or smartphone based on the Android system, but with some additions. The main elements of the interface are located separately in the right block: screenshot, volume controls, shake function, standard Home, Back and Menu buttons, reload, full screen and much more.Nox App Player overview


The penultimate parameter, which is of considerable importance, is system performance. We will test it with the help of the mobile version of the popular PUBG. Impressions of playing on the Knox Player:

  • We are greeted by already configured keyboard controls, however, non-standard for most gamers. And in some cases, you need to configure it yourself.
  • Pressing the Tab button (opening the interface) works – sometimes one attempt is enough, sometimes you have to hold it down.
  • Infrequent lags did not spoil the gameplay experience.
  • Sound is broadcast without delay.

PUBG Mobile in NoxPUBG Mobile testing by BlueStacks:

  • Familiar character control system, convenient arrangement of thematic tabs. Customization is also possible .
  • The maximum approach of the “all-consuming zone” resulted in a few lags, but you should not blame the emulator for this.
  • High loading of PC system resources.
  • Great sound without delay

PUBG Mobile in BlueStacksVerdict – BlueStacks clearly wins in terms of character control comfort, as far as performance is concerned, Knox loads less with high settings system.

Android version

This is much simpler: both emulators have Nougat (version 7.1.2) installed. ic information about the device.

Android version in BlueStacksAndroid version in Nox

To summarize

No one can tell you that BlueStacks is better Knox or vice versa. Programs have advanced so far in emulating the Android system that they differ only in small nuances. And the choice falls on the shoulders of the user himself.

Our advice: try each program on your own, for example, after playing a game for several hours, and then draw your own conclusions. Or check out other BlueStacks analogues.

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